The American Night

by Ana Barrena Lertxundi

On line 8 of the underground, a spontaneous attraction arises between two women and a man. Despite their differences, the identification and solidarity is immediate, they are Latinos living in Berlin. They come up with a plan, but have to confront the established order. How to decide to break your routine, when you have to adapt to a society in which you are a foreigner. «The American Night» is a surreal metaphor in black and white about freedom put in tension from desire, where the sexual is personal, but also political.

About the author

Ana Barrena Lertxundi was born in Bilbao. She studied law at the Humboldt University. Specialized in International Criminal Law at the University of Geneva, UNIGE.  She was a local producer in Berlin of the documentary «Awlad – Hesiak Gainditu» by Ane Irazabal and Cosimo Caridi. She is the creator and moderator of the cineforums SoulKino in Berlin and CinePeriferia in Geneva, spaces for presenting little-known works and artists combined with talks on film, politics and society.