The blue of the air

by Georgina Pretto 


Amir, a young foreigner recently arrived in Berlin, tries to stay connected to his family by sprouting a seed that his mother gave him before she left. Ana, a sullen and hermit-like old German woman, lives in her winter garden, isolated from others. Amir wants to save his plant and asks Ana, his downstairs neighbour, for help. But with the arrival of the dying plant, Ana’s delicate mental balance begins to deteriorate more and more. A poetic and experimental story about loneliness and rootlessness. 

About the author 

Born in Buenos Aires, Georgina Pretto is a cinematographer based in Berlin. For her work she was nominated for the Silver Condor Awards for Fernando Salem’s «La muerte no existe y el amor tampoco» (Death doesn’t exist and neither does love). In addition, she was selected as a Talent at the Berlinale Talent Campus (Germany), at the IDFAcademy 2020 (Netherlands) and a recipient of the Vilmos Zsigmond ASC scholarship (US). She graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica in Argentina. With her project «The blue of the air» she is winner of the UGBB second edition, receives a production mentorship by Catalina Florez (Soilfilms) and technical support for the production of the short film, in collaboration with Interflugs, the student audiovisual department of the Berlin University of the Arts.