Cortázar y yo

by Victoria Radonic

In her script «CORTAZAR Y YO» Victoria narrates the vicissitudes of Paula, a middle-aged actress who represents a play based on the poems of her favorite author Julio Cortázar. After the premiere, Paula experiences paranormal encounters with him. On the way to find out what motivates the author to approach her, an unexpected truth is revealed. Paula discovers that she will have to find her own creative voice.

About the author

Born in Buenos Aires, Victoria Radonic has lived in Madrid for more than twenty years. He is trained in acting, singing, classical dance, jazz and musical comedy with different teachers in both countries. His works include his participation in the musical «Hechos de los Apóstoles» directed by Carlos Abregú and musicalized by Angel Mahler (Bs. As.), the play «Froda, Freda y Frida» by Freda Marcús (Madrid) and the film «Diamond Flash» by director Carlos Vermut.