Sol de Enero

by Sebastián Opačak

Raised in Patagonia (Argentina), at the age of 15 Sebastián Opačak travels to Berlin for the first time and lives in a busy house in the winter of 93′-94′. Obtains a scholarship at the Argentine School of Photography, among others. In 2009, back in Berlin, he works as a projector at Eiszeit Kino. His short films «Goodbye to the cities Ep 1: Letter to my friends» and «Goodbye to the cities Ep 2: Letter to the unborn» participate in the Official Competition of the 18th and 20th. Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival of Buenos Aires BAFICI.

About the author

In 2021, two 10-year-old boys were playing with a sled on the frozen waters of a dam and disappeared on the brittle surface of the ice. In his script “SOL DE ENERO” Sebastián reworks the tragedy evoking the first rites of puberty and the violence that lurks like an enigma both within us and around us.