Mi amiga la Cuda

by Mily Huertas

In her script “MI AMIGA LA CUDA” Mily vindicates the magical world of the legends of her place of origin to overcome the challenges of being an immigrant. Sami, a Peruvian girl who lives with her mother in Barcelona, ​​spends her days between the loneliness of her home and bullying at school. La Cuda, a fantastic being in the form of a woman with chicken feet, will go from being a threat to becoming Sami’s ally to overcome the difficulties that arise, especially when the Social Services threaten to separate her from her mother.

About the author

Born in Peru, Mily Huertas has lived in Spain for more than fifteen years. Graduated in Film and TV at the Ramón Llull University of Barcelona, ​​she also has a Master’s Degree in Film Direction at the University School of Arts in Madrid. He currently works in audiovisual production for e-commerce.