by Jorge Suárez Rangel

In his script “VERRÜCKT” Jorge tells the story of a migrant like many, whom love brought and divorce abandoned in the city of Berlin. The death of his mother plunges him into an emotional process that disconnects him from reality and in turn pushes him to make a vital decision.

About the author

Born in Mexico, Jorge Suárez Rangel studies Performing Arts at the Theater Laboratory of the National Museum of Popular Cultures. He was a finalist for the 2009 Gerardo Mancebo del Castillo Trejo National Young Playwriting Award. To this day he is an active author within the Mexican theater scene with several texts selected for the Anti-Christmas Stories of the Teatro la Capilla, as well as the National Show of Theater. He currently resides in Berlin, where he has presented his texts at the Intergalaktischer Kultur Verein and the BAIZ, supported by local artistic groups such as El Teatrito and Berlin ESimpro.