Mirame Arder

by Guillermo Bohórquez López

In his script «LOOK AT ME BURN» the author exorcises social resentments that explode in cycles of violence and leave indelible marks. Andrew visits Berlin for the weekend, a city he left years ago, in search of peace of mind. Upon returning, he meets his best friend Mikkel, who encourages him to return to his old steps: chaos and destruction. This will lead Andrew to examine his internal injuries and the impact they have on his life today. A story about the circle of violence, which asks: how much peace can revenge bring?

About the author

Born in Neiva, Huila (Colombia) Guillermo Bohórquez López moved to Bogotá at the age of 18 where he studied Social Communication with Audiovisual Emphasis and learned production and scriptwriting. He currently resides in Berlin, where he works as an assistant in a post-production and visual effects house at Babelsberg studios.