La Despedida

by Aline Juárez Contreras

In her script “LA DESPEDIDA” Aline portrays Berlin from a migrant perspective, through a story of friendship and liberation. It tells the story of Jazmín, a young dancer from the Mexican province who works as an Au-Pair in Berlin, where her talent has been buried. A meeting in the laundry room with Amelia, of Moroccan-Spanish origin, will suddenly reconnect Jazmín with her vocation and will transform her forever.

About the author

Born in Mexico City, Aline Juárez Contreras has lived in Berlin for ten years. He works specifically with activists, artists and social movements in Germany, Mexico, Chile, Serbia, Italy and Spain to audiovisually portray different forms of resistance. Her latest short film “Wären Sie mal besser zu Hause geblieben” was screened at international film festivals such as JUMPSTART International Women’s Online Film Festival 2020, Linz International Film Festival 2021 and Bilbao 2020 International Invisible Film Festival “Film Sozialak”.