Paraiso, bitte

by Marina Ponce Katz


Charo lives in Berlin, but in reality she has no home and is not German.  Charo is 40 and has the same problems as when she was 20, but she sees much less. Charo is adorable. Her logic and decisions are controversial. Charo has some friends and knows many people in the city, but she is always alone. Charo finds problems while looking for solutions and solving them in her own way.  Charo is an artist’s assistant and she doesn’t know it, but she is the artist. 

About the author

Born in Buenos Aires, Marina Ponce Katz develops creative treatments for advertising directors and writes. Her work experience is linked to writing and the search for references for creative dossiers, production in advertising film and scenography. He trained at the Script Lab with Patricio Vega (Argentina) and in sketch writing and storytelling at UCB training centre (USA). «Vandergful» is his first book of short stories.