All at table

by Solange Ros 


Maria resists the passage of time and the deterioration of her body. At a family reunion in Berlin, her two sons, engrossed in their own worries, discuss their future. Frederike, the wife of one of them, is nervous about meeting the family, she does not understand Spanish and this makes her uncomfortable. The meeting will unexpectedly bring Maria and Frederike together in the dim Berlin sunlight.

About the author

The filmmaker Solange Ros is Argentinian by origin and currently lives in Spain. As a director, her first work «Capas XX» was selected for the international Experimental Film Festival ULTRA Cinema in Mexico. She also directed music videos, including «Tiro con Efecto» by Eskarnia. He studied Communication Sciences in Argentina and Film Directing at the Escuela de Cine y Audiovisuales de la Comunidad de Madrid. He has participated in different roles in the shooting of music videos and short films, including «Pentimento» by the production company Malvalanda, winner of several awards at Spanish festivals.