Do you have an idea for a short film? Do you want to develop it in an intense writing experience, working with Spanish-speaking authors from all over the world, improving your fiction creation skills and with professional advice?

The Instituto Cervantes in Berlin invites you to participate in the 4th. Usina de Guiones Breves hosted by María Meira. This is a program aimed at screenwriters, audiovisual advanced students and professionals, visual and performing artists, writers and playwrights, offering them a platform for creation and insight so they can work intensively on the development of their personal project as well as the possibility of having an unique exchange experience.

What does the Usina de Guiones Breves en Berlín ugbb consist of?

A maximum of nine short film projects will be selected to participate in the program and they will be developed from their embryonic stage, making the most of their potential, until obtaining top quality scripts that could be turned into 10 to 20-minute short films.

The program has two stages:

1ST STAGE: VIRTUAL. It will take place between May and August, with master classes and one-on-one online tutorships.

2ND STAGE: FACE-TO-FACE. It will take place in September and will consist of an intensive group workshop at the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin.

In October, at the end of the program, an international jury will award one of the scripts, which will get support for the realization of the short film in the city of Berlin.

When can you apply for the Usina de Guiones Breves en Berlín ugbb?

Call for applications opening date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023.
Deadline: Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

There is no application fee.
For selected projects, participation in the program is fee-based.